The annual BBC Radio 4 Christmas appeal is using cloud call centre technology to handle more calls and raise more donations to help tackle homelessness.

This is the 91st year that St Martin-in-the-Fields and BBC Radio 4 have run their Christmas appeal, with last year's raising a record-breaking £2.85m. 

Cloud communications provider Sesui is once again working behind the scenes to ensure that every call goes through.

The appeal launched on Sunday 3rd to help thousands of homeless people or those in danger of losing their homes. In the first day 20 per cent more calls were received and answered than last year's appeal. 

The latest figures show that almost one in 200 people in the UK are homeless or living inadequate homes. Donations to the appeal are shared between The Connection at St Martin’s and the Vicar’s Relief Fund (VRF). 

Tim Bissett, director of St Martin-in-the-Fields, said: "For eight years Sesui has provided the magic behind the scenes making sure every call gets through. We’re a small team, and on top of our many online and postal donations, we’ll handle over 3,500 calls in just a number of days. 

"The only possible way to manage all of this goodwill is through the cloud. Sesui’s virtual contact centre allows us to take up our posts, wherever we need to – be that London, Cornwall or Scotland – in order to get those calls answered."

Lee Bryant, managing director of Sesui, added: "The generosity of Radio 4’s loyal listeners is incredibly heart-warming. For so many people, the Appeal has become part of their Christmas tradition, which means every year we’ve got to be ready to handle even more calls. 

"At various points the phones will be ringing with more than 100 people at once, all wanting to make a donation. We don’t want to ever leave them waiting. You have to think that any call that’s lost, is a lost donation, and we won’t let that happen on our watch."