Gary has been Chief Executive at Chorley Council for five years.

Having focused his career in finance for 30 years he took the helm at Chorley at a time of dramatic change in local government.

Local authorities can no longer keep themselves separate from the wider issues in the community and Gary has led the transformation of the organisation and partnership working in the borough, which now sees the council playing a pivotal role in looking after the wellbeing of residents.

He has led a radical review of public services in the borough with the authority having just committed to a partnership with the Lancashire Care Foundation Trust (LCFT) meaning that the council will play an active role in providing what might ordinarily be seen as services delivered by the NHS.

Gary firmly believes that the health and wellbeing of residents is key to having a vibrant and prosperous borough.

He believes that by pooling resources, instead of having a silo mentality, public services can deliver much better value for money.

His view is that people don’t care who provides a service they just want it doing, and doing well.

Chorley is now on the cusp of an amazing coup with the development of a digital health park, which just goes to show the ambition of the authority, which is leading the way when it comes to attracting investment and generating income to ensure it is self-sufficient going forward.