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Drinking in the Rovers Return at Film Tech Expo '17

Jonathan Symcox visits Old Granada Studios for Dreamscope TV event

The latest in film technology innovation was on show at the Old Granada Studios in Manchester this week.

Drones, dollies, 360-degree video domes and stop-motion animation techniques were all to the fore at the Film Tech Expo '17 put together by Dreamscope TV.

Deputy editor Jonathan Symcox was there to speak to a variety of businesses including Darren Hutchinson, director of Dreamscope, on the spot where Betty used to serve her famous hotpot.

They included:
• John Tressine of 360-degree mobile planetarium Immersive Experiences
• Pete Ellis of Scope Animation
• Maxim Dinsa of digital agency MediaCabin
• Dave Clarke from equipment specialist CVP
• Stevie Maher from social media PR agency Down at the Social

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The Rovers has fallen by the wayside somewhat