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Why did David Grimes rebrand MPD Group as Sorted?

Entrepreneur speaks to Chris Maguire at The Shard

Manchester entrepreneur David Grimes says he renamed his delivery tech platform Sorted because he needed a powerful brand to take into global markets.

Speaking to BusinessCloud editor Chris Maguire at eCommerce Live in the capital, Grimes said the firm formerly known as My Parcel Delivery was at a turning point.

The mantra of ‘getting things sorted’ came out of internal workshops with staff – and Grimes took the decision to change its name.

Sorted is a software platform which retailers including Missguided, Matalan, Lush and Arsenal use to manage their customers’ delivery experience.

Processing tens of millions of transactions a year, the company will employ 150 people by the end of 2017 and move into a new head office in Manchester in November.

And Grimes says giving customer a really good delivery experience is key from a retention perspective.

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