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Artificial Intelligence: What does it REALLY mean

Tuesday 17th October 2017 at Entrepreneurial Spark, 1st Floor RBS Building, 1 Hardman Boulevard, Spinningfields, Manchester, Greater Manchester M3 3AQ - #BCloudAI

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Artificial intelligence is either the biggest threat to mankind or the biggest advance in technology the world has ever seen.

Whatever your view there’s no disputing the growing influence that AI is having and will continue to have.

From early examples of AI in spellcheckers and apps like Siri, to the latest AI systems in automated cars like those from Tesla to Google’s Deep Mind AlphaGo beating the world champion of Go, AI has turned the world on its head.

It’s estimated that Amazon sold nearly 10 million Alexa devices last year and AI is transforming industries as diverse as law to healthcare.

BusinessCloud, in conjunction with Entrepreneurial Spark, powered byNatWest, has teamed up with Pro-Manchester to look at the growing impact of AI and where the technology might go next.



Luke Grimes, co-founder, Webantic

Glyn Powditch, CTO and co-founder, Dream Agility

Sam Coley, co-founder and CTO, TickX

Rob McCargow, AI programme leader, PwC

Adam Hosker, head of commercial (North), Littlefish

Andrea Perizzato, CTO, Dreamr

Richard Potter, CEO, Peak

Also speaking:

  • Canice Lambe, CTO, Altify
  • Angie Ma, COO, ASI Data Science
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