The Social Chain knows a thing or two about social media - and how to harness its power.

The company was started by university dropouts Steve Bartlett and Dominic McGregor, plus Ash Jones, who had been making money as a professional FIFA player.

Cathal Berragan also left his university course to become head of campaigns at what is now the UK’s largest influencer marketing agency.

Through clever use of social media accounts it can get hashtags trending within minutes – and claim to be able to get a message in front of 66m people at once.

“We’ll pick a trend that we know our audience will engage with and contribute to and we’ll use all our pages to push it out at a particular time,” Berragan told BusinessCloud’s ‘tech entrepreneurs who want to change the world’ conference at the International Festival for Business.

Cathal Berragan, The Social Chain, at the IFB

“Each piece of content will be tailored to that particular page.

“For a trend to start, you need tens of thousands of tweets – and we don’t have tens of thousands of pages, of course.”

The Social Chain controls around 220 Twitter accounts, including @BeFitMotivation – which has 1.67 million followers - @BritishLogic and @PrimarySklProbs.

“These pages have huge followings but they’re also hugely well engaged,” he adds.

“They are almost like channels, brands, in themselves – people trust what they’re going to say.

“Once the conversation starts organically the tweets can get rounded up by Buzzfeed and other media [and the exposure is huge].”

Jamil Khalil, left, and Cathal Berragan at the IFB

Cathal, right, checking his social media accounts after chatting with Wakelet entrepreneur Jamil Khalil at IFB2016