Wearable technology is essential for one sports star who says it helps her “smash” her performances.

England netball player Danielle Jordan-Taft says tech was a huge part of her return to fitness as she trained to get back into the national side following a knee injury.

Jordan-Taft, who plays for Birmingham-based Premier League side Linden Netball Club, swears by MyZone – a belt containing a heart rate monitor that is worn just below her bra line.

The player, who is sales director for sportswear manufacturer Kukri Sports, has used MyZone for several years, including during a squad tour of South Africa in 2013.

As much of her fitness training is done solo, she says the key is the motivational aspect of the technology.

As well as measuring calories burnt and the duration of a workout, the monitor awards points every time the wearer records their maximum heart rate.

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Scores are then uploaded onto an app and Jordan-Taft can choose fellow users to compete against.

“It’s brilliant for sports people because we’re ridiculously competitive and the fact that I can challenge other people really pushes me – that’s the kind of training I need and I look for,” she says.

“I can wear it during matches and if I think I’ve had a bad game I can compare the results to other days.

“But it also spurs me on: if I’m wearing it I’m thinking I’ve got to smash it, which makes me play better.

“It’s improved my performance in the sense of getting me fitter quicker because it’s been a really good motivational tool.”