Britain’s tech billionaires and millionaires are defying the prevailing gloom in the economy - but who are they?

BusinessCloud’s inaugural top 100 Tech Rich List has found the sector’s entrepreneurs and business owners are now worth £19.655billion.

Our top 100 Tech Rich List is drawn from the ranks of those in mobile, telecoms, internet, software and computer hardware, whether selling, making or designing. Their wealth varies from £1.5bn to £40m.

The list has been compiled by Philip Beresford, who also produces the annual Sunday Times Rich List.

The first part of the UK Tech Rich List covered numbers 81-100.

In this second instalment, we count down numbers 61-80, with 20 more entrepreneurs featured each day until Friday.

60=. Andrew Vincent - BJSS, £80m
DoB: 17/03/1956

Andrew Vincent, BJSS
Fast-growing software group BJSS was founded in 1993. Andrew Vincent, the managing director, has a near 49 per cent stake in the £150m business. Past dividends and salaries add perhaps £10m.
60=. Gareth Williams - Skyscanner, £80m
DoB: 27/03/1969

 Gareth Williams, Skyscanner
Gareth Williams, a former contract IT worker for M&S, co-founded Edinburgh-based Skyscanner in 2001 as a travel comparison site. Sales grew by almost 50 per cent to £92.9m in 2014, with profits of £10.3m. A recent fundraising round valued the business at around £1bn. Williams held a 14.5 per cent stake before that, which could be worth at least £80m from an anticipated stock market float.
63. Oozi Cats - Telit, £78m
DoB: 12/04/1961
The Internet of Things was one of the buzzwords of the tech world in 2015. Founded in 2000, Oozi Cats’ firm Telit specialises in this and the shares rose strongly last year. Listed on the London stock market, Telit has £62.7m of assets and in 2014 made a profit of £8.9m on sales of £188.5m. Cats owns a stake worth £78m.
64=. Mark Deere - Petroleum Experts, £75m
DoB: 30/09/1956
Petroleum Experts is a highly profitable award-winning Edinburgh operation supplying software to the oil industry.
64=. Andrew Dixon - Gamesys, £75m
DoB: 06/11/1968

Andrew Dixon, Gamesys
Andrew Dixon co-founded London-based computer games company Gamesys in 2001. Following its March 2015 takeover by a Canadian company for £426m, Dixon should have received £71m for his stake.
64=. Hamid Guedroudj - Petroleum Experts, £75m
DoB: 17/08/1954

Hamid Guedroudj, Petroleum Experts
In 1990 Hamid Guedroudj started as a director of Petroleum Experts, an award-winning Edinburgh operation supplying software to the oil industry. Its technology has been utilised in more than 200 oil fields. In 2015 it made a record £32.2m profit on nearly £40m sales and showed £78.8m net assets. It should be worth £225m even after the oil price collapse.
64=. Chris Stamper & family - Ex-Rareware, £75m
DoB: 24/10/1958 

Chris Stamper & family - Ex-Rareware
Chris Stamper dropped out of university in 1981 and went on to found the Rare computer games company with his brother Tim. Best known for huge hits such as GoldenEye 007, Perfect Dark, Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong Country, Rare was taken over in 2002 by Microsoft for £240m. The Stampers' stake was worth £82m.
68=. David Ackroyd - Aquilaheywood, £70m
DoB: 09/08/1955

David Ackroyd, Aquilaheywood
David Ackroyd is a director and shareholder in Redhill-based Aquilaheywood, a specialist software group in life and pensions administration. It was the subject of a management buyout in 1998. It made a record £19.7m profit on £42.3m sales in 2014-15. Ackroyd has a £70m stake.
68=. Sean Riddell - EMIS, £70m
DoB: 04/01/1965

Sean Riddell - EMIS
Sean Riddell led the Yorkshire-based EMIS medical software operation to a successful £175m stock market float in 2010. He joined the company, now valued at £694m, in 1989 and became a board member ten years later. In 2006 he became MD, but stood down in 2013 and also stood down as a non-executive director late in 2014. He remains a shareholder and is also an angel investor in health related businesses. He should be worth £70m.
70=. Ian Hargrave - CHP Consulting, £69m
DoB: 27/03/1960 
Started in 1990, London-based CHP Consulting is a fast-growing software company providing specialist services to the asset finance industry. In 2014 its profits soared to £17.2m on £43.2m sales. Hargrave, now chief financial officer, has a near 46 per cent stake worth £69m.

70=. Andrew Page - CHP Consulting, £69m
DoB: 06/03/1963

Andrew Page - CHP Consulting

Andrew Page, as chief executive officer of CHP Consulting, was one of the co-founders of the £150m operation. He has a near 46 per cent stake worth £69m.
72. James Murray - Alternative Networks, £68m
DoB: 11/02/1970

James Murray - Alternative Networks
James Murray left school at 16. A dyslexic, he managed a few O-levels but in 1994, he went on to co-found Alternative Networks with a friend using a £10,000 loan plus £4,500 of their own savings. The London-based telecom grew rapidly providing B2B services and the like. It floated on the AIM in 2005 valued at around £44m. It is now worth nearly £235m, while Murray has a £68m stake.
73=. Angus MacSween - Iomart, £65m
DoB: 27/07/1956

James Murray - Alternative Networks
Angus MacSween set up a telecoms company, Teledata, which was sold to Scottish Telecom for £11m in 1996. Two years later he set up Iomart, another high-tech operation, with partner William Dobbie. It floated on the AIM in 2000. Now a fast-growing cloud computing operation, Iomart is worth £291m. MacSween, as chief executive, sold £10m of shares in 2014 and retains a stake worth £50.4m. Past share sales and other assets take MacSween to £65m
73=. David Scott - Ex-3Par, £65m
David Scott joined Hewlett-Packard’s British operation from university and worked there for eight years as a systems engineer and a salesman before transferring to its Californian base in 1991. He left HP in 2001 to become boss of 3Par, a data storage company. In 2010 3Par was taken over by HP for £1.45 billion. Scott returned to a senior position at HP and picked up £65m for his stake. He left the firm in March 2015.
73=. Richard & Brenda Smith - PCMS, £65m
DoB: 19/06/1948 & 21/01/1947
A former computer programmer, Richard Smith founded Coventry-based PCMS in 1982. With his wife Brenda he runs and owns the computer supplier and consultancy which made £5.1m profit in 2014. It is worth £55m. Other assets add £10m.
73=. Robin Tombs & family - Gamesys, £65m
DoB: 17/04/1969 

Robin Tombs & family - Gamesys
London-based computer games company Gamesys was co-founded by Robin Tombs. Following its £426m takeover in March 2015, Tombs should have received £65m. After tax and allowing for dividends, he should be worth that sum.
77. Neil Smith - Comex 2000, £60m
DoB: 19/01/1968
Comex 2000 (UK) undertakes network installation and maintenance in the telecoms field for blue chip customers mainly in the London and South East. The business was founded in 1998 by Neil Smith, its MD.
78=. Robert & Linda Davies - Tax Computer Systems, £55m
DoB:  13/04/1951 & 12/02/1946
Founded in 1991, Tax Computer Systems supplies corporate tax software. The Staines-based operation is 85 per cent owned by directors Robert and Linda Davies. In 2014 it made £6.3m profit on £112.6m sales.
78=. Tony Greaves - Core Communication Services, £55m
DoB: 22/07/1964
Tony Greaves founded London-based Core Communication in 2003 and it now has a broad telecoms portfolio. Greaves, who helped to demerge the mobile-phone firm O2 from BT in 2001, owns all the business. It made £5.8m profit on £33.3m sales in 2013-14.
78=. Martin Hellawell - Softcat, £55m
DoB: 07/03/1965

Martin Hellawell, an IT veteran who worked at Computacenter for 13 years, joined Softcat, the Buckinghamshire-based software and data centre infrastructure operation in 2006. He was made chief executive in 2014 and led the November 2015 flotation which valued Softcat at £472m. The shares have soared since and the company is now worth £647.5m. Halliwell's 7.5 per cent stake is now worth over £49m.