Angela is head of work & skills at Manchester City Council and provides leadership and coordination for the work that Manchester City Council does to support business and connect local residents to the employment opportunities created by the City's growth. 

She is also responsible for  MAES - Manchester's Adult Education Service.  Ensuring that local residents can contribute to and benefit from the growth of the City is a key priority for the City and our partners and critical if Manchester is to achieve its Our Manchester objectives of becoming a "highly skilled city" and a "fair and equitable city". 

Previous to her current role, Angela was Head of Regeneration and held a number of regeneration positions at both area and citywide levels  and prior to working with the City Council, Angela worked in a number of community regeneration, tenant participation and community economic development roles. 

Angela is a trustee on Young Manchester,  a Director of One Education and a governor on the governing body of a local primary school which in their different ways improve the lives and education of young people.