BlackCurve's cloud-based software boosts their ecommerce customers’ profitability by 9% by enabling them to automate pricing decisions, maximise opportunities and avoid pricing errors.

These pricing decisions are driven by a powerful A.I. engine which unearths opportunities to change prices, and seamlessly implements pricing changes at scale. Analytics provide insights into product lines and helps identify hidden pockets of profit across large inventories. As a result, ecommerce companies save time, expand their product inventory and gain the confidence to become pricing leaders with BlackCurve.

BlackCurve was founded in 2016 by Philip and Charles Huthwaite in a small cottage in Kingston upon Thames. Philip and Charles were surprised to learn that so many ecommerce companies were being led by competitors prices, and using repricers to the detriment of their business. They were determined to find a more efficient way to implement pricing decisions. And so BlackCurve was born.

3 years and £2 million of investment later, BlackCurve is making pricing decisions for more than 10 million products for ecommerce companies across the world, with an underlying mission to uncover hidden pockets of profit.

Key features & benefits:

Make profitable pricing decisions - A.I. that analyses multiple data sets, so you’re competitive when you need to be, and have the confidence to raise prices and increase profits when you don’t.

A robust method of price testing - you can test prices, even when limited data is available, that rapidly identifies price elastic and inelastic products.

Move dead stock profitably - BlackCurve’s proprietary algorithms, increase sell through, without you resorting to heavy discounting.

Increase your inventory size - pricing automation works for your entire inventory, freeing up time to extend your product offering.

Get set up in under an hour - integrate with Magento, BigCommerce, Amazon and eBay, or API. You can get up and running right away.  

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