Online fashion retailer Boohoo has responded to the Advertising Standards Authority's (ASA) ruling that some of its promotional offers were "misleading".

The advertising watchdog said the company broke its rules by using false time limits and placing customers under unnecessary pressure to make purchases.

Boohoo's promotions featured a countdown clock promising discounts if customers made a purchase before a deadline. However, an investigation by the BBC's Watchdog Live found the deals continued once the clocks reached zero.

"Boohoo is breaking rules around sales promotions that we have investigated and ruled against previously, which is why this has been passed straight to our compliance team," an ASA spokesperson told Watchdog Live.

"The use of a countdown clock is problematic if it misleadingly implies the offer is time-limited when that is not the case."

A Boohoo spokesperson insisted that it was never the company's intention to mislead customers, and that extending the offers on certain occasions beyond the deadline was driven by customer demand.

In a statement on the London Stock Exchange this morning, the company said it has been in correspondence with the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) and the ASA.

"CAP has requested that the company take its guidance on board," the business stated.

"The company has confirmed that it will do so and will continue to review its promotional offers so that they comply with applicable regulations.

"CAP has confirmed that this matter is closed and there will be no further action."