Using data to manage the whole game economy, deltaDNA provides powerful CRM technology and expert consultancy for game-makers. The organisation supplies the tools and insights needed to optimise games, for individual players, in real time.

Founded in 2010, the core of deltaDNA has always been their analytics and real-time messaging platform. With deep and rich player data on 170 million Monthly Active Users (MAU), the platform is home to some of the games sector’s leading publishers and developers, including: 505 Games, Viacom, and Bandai Namco. In 9 years, they have analysed data from 2.1 billion unique users.

By tracking data events such as missions completed/failed, play session length & frequency, total money spent, and much more, deltaDNA’s technology gives developers actionable insights that they can use to tailor their games to the precise needs and desires of different players.

Beyond the tech, they have a highly-esteemed insight & consultancy team comprising game designers and analysts. They playtest and benchmark games against the industry, create industry handbooks and guides/reports educating on best practice, perform hands-on workshops, and give talks all around the globe at gaming’s biggest events. 

In September 2019, deltaDNA joined Unity Technologies. By linking their best-in-class analytics and engagement tools with gaming’s most successful engine, they are excited to really accelerate change within the gaming industry. Putting the player first has always been the mission statement and they can now evangelise that approach ever more powerfully.