London ‘data pipeline management’ firm Dataform has secured $2m in funding.

The start-up helps analysts manage the data workflows in data warehouses, uncovering insights and business intelligence from data rich business resources.

The round was led by LocalGlobe, with participation from unnamed angel investors.

The SaaS start-up, an alumni of Silicon Valley accelerator Y Combinator, was founded by Lewis Hemens and Guillaume-Henri Huon, both ex-Google employees.

The firm said the seed funding will power its growth in both sales and engineering and further developing its product.

“Businesses are struggling to hire data talent that ends up spending most of their time building custom infrastructure and trying to make their data pipeline work”, said Huon.

“We're building the tools for the data team to focus on data and extracting value from it rather than spending time on their data infrastructure.”

Hemens added: “Current approaches to data management aren’t scaling for modern needs. This isn’t necessarily due to the volume, but rather the complexity of the data.

“To be truly effective, data teams have to invest in building a central repository of data knowledge, documentation and ultimately maintaining a set of core analytics tables to unlock the power of that data.”