England legend Andrew Flintoff told BusinessCloud he would ditch most of the tech in cricket as is slows the sport down too much.

Hawk-Eye, Hot Spot and Snickometer technology is used in the Decision Review System, which Freddie says can leave players standing around in the middle for up to ten minutes waiting for a verdict.

“I think the technology has added to the sport in some ways, but in others I’m not a big fan of it,” he said.

“The referrals – waiting for 10 minutes to see if someone’s out – I don’t think that’s a great thing for the game.

“I’d take a lot of the technology, including the referrals, out.

“I watch some of these decisions and the balls are clipping the stumps, but they’re still not out!

"I’m not sure where they’re going with it.”

The former all-rounder is no traditionalist but he says the word of the umpire should be law - and that the sport would benefit from a shift back to its roots.

And he should know, having taken 226 Test wickets in 79 matches and contributed to some of England's most memorable victories with his explosive batting.

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