Purple was founded like many a great company: through frustration with a service, product or unfulfilled need.

During his various travels (particularly with business), CEO Gavin Wheeldon realised that public Wi-Fi lacked a positive user experience in every element, from design and login methods, to the simplest of features, like responsiveness across varying devices.

With a passion for technology, problem solving, and business, Wheeldon then founded Purple in 2012 to tackle the issues surrounding Public WiFi.

Since then, Purple has helped to meet an industry wide demand for social Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi analytics, and Wi-Fi marketing which never existed before.

With over 15 years’ experience working in technology-led or enabled businesses, setting up Purple was second nature to Wheeldon – he founded Purple with an existing, deep understanding of the impact of technology on an organisation, and with previous business success, had the knowhow and resources needed to grow his idea and attract investors.

But it was not without risk: until 2015, three years into operating, Purple was funded by Wheeldon personally before receiving its first outside funding from Terry Leahy, Bill Currie, Iain MacDonald, Bob Willett and Juno Capital.

This allowed Wheeldon, the board of directors, and the rest of Team Purple to grow the company globally.

Purple has since received two additional rounds of funding from Boost&Co and existing investors, and the future is extremely promising.