A Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign has been launched to produce luminous bike bottles to make cyclists safer.

The Orb is a new light which functions as a normal 600ml bike bottle and is designed to give cyclists 360° visibility while out on the road at night.

More than a third of cyclists killed and seriously injured are hit from the side by a vehicle, and it is hoped that The Orb could prevent many serious collissiosn with proper side-illumination.

"Having had a number of near misses in London and been knocked off once in Manchester, I began clenching my teeth every time a car approached from a side road - wondering whether it had seen me," said Andrew Phillips, creator of The Orb.

"That's when I began my search for an effective, USB rechargeable side light for my bottle cage, but was unable to find anything suitable.

"I quickly saw a significant gap in the market for a product which was not only useful for cyclists on a day to day basis – but has the potential to save lives. Since that initial idea, development of The Orb has gone from strength to strength – and we’re really excited to be so close to launching the final product."

The team behind The Orb began working on the bottle in early 2016 and, after partnering with a team of UK designers, the product began to take shape. A final design was settled on in November 2016, and the CAD and electrical designs have since been approved.

The Orb is now almost ready for manufacture and the team are looking to raise £20,000 for tooling through Kickstarter. At the time of publishing, the campaign had attracted almost £8,500 from more than 150 backers.

Phillips said: "Within 10 years we want side lighting to be considered as important as front and rear lights are today. By doing this, we will reduce the number of cyclists killed and injured on our roads."