Many entrepreneurs speak of their ‘lightbulb moment’.

David Grimes’ came while queuing in the Post Office.

The CEO of MPD Group was so fed up of spending every day waiting to send out mail as part of a previous business that he knew he had to do something.

“There was a lightbulb moment: I thought ‘there’s got to be thousands of other SMEs and Amazon sellers all stood in this Post Office queue like me getting really frustrated at how much time they are wasting’,” he said at BusinessCloud's 'Tech entrepreneurs' conference.

The seed for his disruptive business – initially named MyParcelDelivery – was sown.

“How do you create a system where people can book and send parcels all over the world and benefit from heavy discounts without having to spend top-end prices with carriers?” he says of the challenge.

MPD has raised £6.5 million in funding since 2013 while Grimes was shortlisted in the EY Entrepreneur of the Year in 2015.

Businesses which use MPD can set up deliveries without having to leave their office or home.

“This year we’re targeting three million items. We don’t touch any parcels – it’s a pure tech platform that allows that delivery to happen,” he adds.

“The beauty of the model is we didn’t want to get involved in the physical transportation of parcels.”

MPD Group have also created Electio, the Delivery Management Platform (DMP) for e-commerce businesses.

Grimes will speak at BusinessCloud’s ‘meet the disrupters’ event on Thursday September 15th.

BusinessCloud recently spoke with Paul Haydock, who co-founded  with Grimes, about his start-up DueCourse.