Louis-James Davis is the 29-year-old rockstar CEO behind VST Enterprises, the company of infinite possibilities.

A rare strain of pneumonia forced him to retire from professional drumming with international touring artists, and very nearly killed him. While recovering, Louis-James explored new technologies to help share personalised music content. He hit upon a new and creative way of sharing secure content, completing transactions and ensuring traceability.

VCode® scannable technology allows users to securely access personalised information no matter where they are. Each code is unique and matched to pre-set security parameters that can vary the level of access and information per user.

VST Enterprises secured £11.4m in funding in 2017 and is now valued at £220m. As CEO, Louis-James has retained the majority shareholding.

Louis-James is so proud of VCode that he has one tattooed on him. He is one of About Time's 10 Young Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2017, is a winner of Finance Monthly's CEO Awards, and is shortlisted for the Emerging Payments Awards Entrepreneur of the Year 2017. VST Enterprises is the winner of KPMG’s Best Regional British Mobile Start-Up 2016 and Harvey Nash’s Tech Start-Up of the Year 2016.

He is in demand for his knowledge of cybersecurity, mobile innovation and transformative entrepreneurship. In 2016 LouisJames was personally invited onto the UK Prime Minister’s trade delegation to India, where he signed a deal to eliminate fraud from the Indian benefits system.

Theresa May commented that "VST Enterprises prides itself on its 'infinite possibilities' – and it is exactly that sort of optimism this country needs to power its economy".