A Manchester start-up has raised £150,000 of equity investment to build a platform that raises money for good causes.

Rafful allows organisations to raise money for charities and good causes around the world by partnering with influential people and leveraging their social media followings to spread the word.

Charites including MIND, Cancer Research UK, The British Red Cross and Oxfam have already signed up to use the platform.

Founder Elliott Shuttleworth set the company up in 2018 in an effort to make fundraising more fun, transparent and effective.

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“The biggest headache for 99 per cent of non-profit organisations is fundraising” he said.

“There are millions of charities around the world who have to spend their time raising money instead of doing what they do best. This is where Rafful comes in – we’ve developed an innovative new way of fundraising that rewards people who give”.

Co-founder, Matthew Melling added: “Social media is such a powerful tool and everyone is always looking for unique, exclusive experiences. The UK donated billions to charities last year, we just reward the people that choose to give via our Rafful website.”

The platform offers ‘Rafful tickets’ in exchange for a donation to a good cause, with prizes including a cooking lesson with Gordon Ramsay and a trip to Disneyland, they’ve got something for everyone.

The platform, built by Manchester agency Fast Web Media and is due to launch in July 2019.