Podcast.co has launched a new platform for podcasters, brands and agencies looking to engage through audio.

Clients already using the platform include Manchester’s People’s History Museum and Intern Magazine.

The start-up already has a partnership with Spotify and is working on new features and partnerships. It will focus on growth through work with brands, agencies and influencers.

Podcast.co was created by the team behind broadcasting platform Radio.co, which boasts clients including MC Saatchi, Unicef, the United Nations, Whiskas, Soho Radio, Primavera Sound and Cafe Mambo.

BusinessCloud spoke to Podcast.co founder and CEO James Mulvany last year about how the new arm of the business could dwarf that that of Radio.co.

We also recorded a special edition of our Demystifying Tech podcast which looked at ways in which businesses could benefit from starting one. You can listen to it here.

“The Podcast.co platform aims to deliver a slick user experience which removes all of the hassle out of rolling out a podcast,” said Mike Cunsolo, marketing director.

“Our distribution partnerships allow us to push podcasts to all the major platforms.”

Podcast.co says it is ‘laying down the gauntlet’ and aims to beat larger players in the market with increased usability, functionality set-up time.

“We’re easily the fastest and simplest way to set up a podcast,” added Mulvany, Podcast.co founder and CEO.

“It’s actually a very simple process but a lot of the podcast platforms out there over-complicate things.”