In 2005 I was made redundant from my national account manager job at a paper cup manufacturer so I started a new company of my own.

As the Printed Cup Company grew we started to use technology to give us an edge: websites, optimised Google search results then the installation of a CRM which allowed us to use data to drive sales.

As sales increased we built our own ERP system that allowed customers to track orders.

My skills for running a company were limited but I was lucky enough to go a course at Lancaster University called LEAD, designed to give skills for fast growth. This created a change in thinking that led to us setting up a UK manufacturing plant, reducing lead time from 10weeks to 10days and MOQ from 10k to 1k.

Over the last 5 years since the opening of the plant, we have been in continual change, growing from 14 staff to over 50 today, and reducing MOQ to one and lead time to an hour, with our latest coup to be the first cup manufacturer to print a job where every single cup was different.