TendoJobs.com is revolutionising recruitment by linking employers directly with job hunters, cutting out the traditional middle people.

Created by technology entrepreneur Michael Cropper, who also runs the digital agency Contrado Digital.

After two years of planning and development, Tendo Jobs launched in May 2016 and is seeing traction already in this short time with many blue chip organisations already registered on the platform and thousands of job hunters searching the website every month throughout the UK and the US for vacancies.

Having bootstrapped the platform from day one, some of the exciting technologies available to employers include the ApplicantRank algorithm, which automatically prioritises the best applicants for the role, along with embeddable technologies to power the entire careers pages on employer websites.

In addition, bringing the social media Follow capability into the job hunting world, allowing job hunters to personalise their Jobs Feed which utilises our JobRank algorithm to streamline the process of applying for vacancies.