The North East Tech 50 votes are in and we are doing the maths to rank the region’s most exciting technology companies.

The public vote on our long-list of almost 100 disruptive companies who are using tech in innovative ways attracted almost 1,700 votes. A panel of expert judges have also made their choices.

The final 50 ranking will be a combination of these and be published on Monday 19th August. 

It is one of 11 annual regional ranked lists which will aim to shine a light on the companies of all sizes who are doing amazing things with technology.

We will publish one ranked list a month every year from February through to December. Full details are available here.

This is the full judging panel:

  • Jamie Hardesty, entrepreneur engagement manager, Tech Nation
  • Paul Lancaster, founder and director, Plan Digital
  • Herb Kim, founder, Thinking Digital
  • Jim Mawdsley, CEO, Generator
  • Laura Richards, head of communications, Sunderland Software City
  • Deb Mcgargle, chief legal officer, SeedLegals
  • Dawn Dunn, cluster manager for Fintech/Data, Dynamo
  • Stuart Lynn, founder, TechNorthEast
  • Alexis Long, programme manager, Ignite
  • Jonathan Symcox, editor, BusinessCloud