If you can book an Uber in just three clicks, why is it so difficult to find a venue for your perfect event?

Online venue marketplace Tagvenue is looking to change all that with a booking website which can offer you a price within a matter of seconds.

Co-founders Arthur Stepaniak and Max Kondratjuks went into business together after becoming friends at Lancaster University. “In 2013 we started exchanging emails on all sorts of business ideas and business opportunities,” Stepaniak told BusinessCloud.

“We knew at the time that, for a business to be successful, it needs to solve real and meaningful problems, ideally in an already established large market.

“One day Max mentioned that when he was working at London Stock Exchange, he had issues with finding and booking a venue in London and Moscow.

“When we started digging deeper we also realised that Max has difficulties with finding and booking a venue for his wedding. We realised there might be an opportunity here.”

They created Tagvenue in 2015 and began reaching out to venues. However they found it hard to tap into this supply, as venues didn't want to join up until they had the demand.

 TagVenue team

Today, the site has over 6,000 listed venues and more than 100,000 visitors to the site every month with a staff team of 35 across 10 countries.

“Tagvenue is the world's fastest growing online venue marketplace, our mission from day one was to help people find and book the perfect venue for any occasion imaginable in a matter of clicks,” said Stepaniak.

“If we look at the venue hire and venue finding industry, being an online booking platform is disruptive already because it's a very big industry, a lot of companies and people still use events agents who manually go and find venues for their clients. Offering that platform is already an innovation in itself.”

He also said how Tagvenue’s aim is to bring transparency to the events market, as you normally would not be able to see the price of a venue without calling up or visiting first.

“Within the online marketplace we believe that we are the most passionate company when it comes to user experience,” he continued.

“From speaking to users, we see that you can book a taxi with about three clicks, you can book a hotel with few clicks, when you try and book a venue it’s a shockingly complex and time consuming process.

“So I think most people don't realise how difficult booking a venue is even in 2019. Making this process as easy as possible is how we want to win.”