Ever since the age of five when he started playing games on his Amstrad CPC 464 he wanted to design and create games for a living.

So after leaving college he enrolled on one of the first computer and video games degrees in the UK at Salford University to build up his skills and knowledge.

After graduating he landed a role at Codemasters as a Quality Assurance Tester, before moving to Blade Interactive for a short stint.

With that experience he was able to join Evolution Studios in a design role where he specialised in racing games for over a decade, working with some of the most talented people in the industry and ended up releasing numerous multi-million selling titles.

He’s now gone full circle and found himself back at Codemasters, where he first started 14 years ago, working on a new and exciting racing IP with some of the most experienced racing game developers in the world.

Game history:

[20XX] Unannounced title - Game Director

[2015] DRIVECLUB Bikes - Game Director

[2014] DRIVECLUB - Game Director

[2012] MotorStorm RC - Game Director

[2011] MotorStorm Apocalypse - Lead Designer

[2008] MotorStorm Pacific Rift - Lead Designer

[2006] MotorStorm - Designer

[2005] WRC: Rally Evolved - Designer

[2004] Pool Shark 2 - Quality Assurance / Junior Designer

[2004] Indy Car Series 2005 - Quality Assurance