With a BEd in Design Technology and an MSc in Product Design, I co-developed Bolton’s Special Effects Development degree programme in 2005, a course that now successfully creates graduates for the global film and television industries.

I was also instrumental in developing the Product Development Studio, which brought rapid prototyping technologies to the university for the first time.

I am still involved in Product Design through MSc and PhD supervision, while my own research interests cover teaching and learning methodologies within creative subjects, approaches to the delivery of feedback to students and the integration of blended learning within creative subjects. I am currently undertaking a PhD by practice, titled Why Don’t we Teach Students How to Fail? An investigation into the teaching and learning theories used within HE practical/creative subjects in order to ascertain whether we enable or disable the students ability to react to and learn from failure within processes as it is happening.

My focus now is mainly in the continued successful delivery and development of the BDes Special Effects Development programme, particularly looking at the methodologies, techniques and approaches to the development of physical elements such as props, prosthetics and miniatures.