Co-founder of The Social Chain Dominic McGregor says the best leaders he’s met in business have been women.

McGregor is COO of the influencer marketing agency which uses social media to connect hundreds of millions of people with brands.

“The best leaders I’ve met in business have both been women: Marnie Millard (CEO of soft drinks business Nichols PLC, pictured right) and Alice Mrongovius (CEO of hungryhouse, left).

“In many instances women make better leaders than men so age does not make a difference when it comes to leadership.

“Neither does age: being 24 myself, it’s something that has evolved over the last three years of business.”



McGregor will speak at our breakfast event ‘The Secret of Leadership’ at Burnley College on Wednesday 27th September.

The event is being held with Themis and in association with CascadeGo HR software. Sign up to attend for free now.

So what makes a good leader, according to McGregor?

“A good leader is someone who develops others, celebrates other successes and takes responsibility if things aren’t working,” he explained.

“Certain aspects of early stage development, like sports and family, can have a huge impact on leadership skills – the key is to understand yourself so that you can understand others.”

 From the boardrooms to the sports field; from politics to health; from education to the emergency services; strong leadership can be the difference between success and failure.

BusinessCloud has teamed up with Themis and CascadeGo HR software for our latest breakfast event at Burnley College about the art of leadership and where the leaders of the future are coming from.

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What makes a good leader? Are you born a natural leader or is it something you learn? Do age and gender make a difference when it comes to leadership?

These are just some of the questions that BusinessCloud and Themis’ ‘The Secret of Leadership’ breakfast event will tackle. Radio 5 Live controller Jonathan Wall is among the speakers.

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