New York-based start-up ROOM has announced its launch in Europe.

It will now accept online sales of its ‘soundproof phone booth’, which is designed to combat noisy open offices.

Launched in May 2018 by serial entrepreneurs Morten Meisner-Jensen and Brian Chen, ROOM is backed by Slow Ventures, and other Silicon Valley investors.

The firm said its phone booths are already used by over 2,000 companies including in the offices of NASA, Google, JP Morgan, Uber, Amazon, Apple and Salesforce.

It said it now expects to reach the $40m revenue milestone by end of the year, having experienced 20 per cent growth each month.

Morten Meisner-Jensen, co-founder of ROOM, said: “ROOM is at the forefront of a wider movement focused on solving the persistent issue of noise and distraction in the open plan office.

“The challenges faced by open office workers is global, not local, and we look forward to introducing our proven privacy solution to Europe, helping companies around the world make more room for what matters most in business—their talent.

“The open office trend shows no signs of abating, and while the answer may not be a return to the cubicle, there is a significant need for employees to find some quiet amid the chaos.

Our soundproof phone booths are just the first in a collection of products we will be rolling out in the near future that look to change the way the world works.”

The company said it plans to launch additional products in the workspace design category, including coordinating furniture and accessories, and limited-edition collections.