Bill Gates remembers Hans Rosling

Bill Gates took to Twitter on February 7 to mark the first anniversary of the death of Swedish physician, academic, statistician, and public speaker Hans Rosling.

All smiles for Elon Musk

Tech entrepreneur Elon Musk has got a lot to smile about. Last week the man behind Tesla and SpaceX watched the inaugural launch of SpaceX's Falcon Heavy, which became the most powerful operational rocket in the world. Musk tweeted this Instagram photo of himself.

 Victory for Vikas

The world’s busiest man Prof Vikas Shah MBE excelled himself at the weekend with his brave speech about depression at TEDx Manchester.

The cat-loving entrepreneur is the managing director and CEO of Swiscot Group and regularly appears on the BBC Breakfast couch doing the newspaper review.

He has done more than anyone else to open up the debate about mental health and his speech on Sunday won universal praise for its brutal honesty.

Naomi s 4EVER young

Tech advocate Naomi Timperley didn’t let the “cold from hell” stop her going to Forever Manchester’s birthday party on Friday, which raised £70k to support community activity across Greater Manchester. Well done to all those involved.

Bryant’s dire warning about fact and fiction

 Tech and media consultant Martin Bryant has started the week by flagging up a warning about the dangers of “computational propaganda”.

Technologist Aviv Ovadya, who rang the bell about the dangers of fake news in 2016, says that could just be the beginning. He gives the example of a malicious actor who uses advanced technology to “create the belief that an event has occurred”.

Imagine a machine-learning algorithm fed on hundreds of hours of footage of Donald Trump or North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, which could then produce a near-perfect — and virtually impossible to distinguish from reality — audio or video clip of the leader declaring nuclear or biological war. Scary stuff.