The Floow is a leading telematics provider whose capabilities comprise data science excellence, cutting-edge technology and the innovative use of social science to provide unique safety insights. Founded in 2012, with the mission to make mobility safer and smarter for everyone, The Floow’s team currently numbers over 120 people based at our Sheffield HQ, our US office in Detroit and across mainland Europe.

The Floow pioneered the use of smartphones as powerful mobility sensors collecting data from driver journeys – this approach was recognised by industry body Ptolemus who awarded The Floow with 1st place in its UBI Supplier Rankings for European Telematics Service Providers in 2016 and 2018.

Using smartphones reduces time to market making our technology more affordable and accessible. Launched in March 2018, our FloowDrive product packages this into a robust platform allowing propositions to be built quickly, creating engaging experiences for policyholders by helping reduce claims frequency through education, feedback and coaching.

Our coaching programme, FloowCoach, uses behavioural change techniques to encourage high-risk drivers to positively improve unsafe behaviours. Our latest research shows for every 100 people in the lowest-scoring decile who complete FloowCoach, 13 accidents are avoided compared to standard feedback mechanisms.

We continue developing our products to satisfy client requirements and shape mobility’s future through innovation and our work with local authorities, helping them prepare for the introduction of electric and autonomous vehicles and lower pollution levels in towns and cities.

The Floow operates worldwide delivering telematics solutions which help insurers price policies more effectively and helps drivers improve their driving behaviour. We’re driven by our mission to save lives, and help reduce some of the 1.25 million lives lost globally in road accidents every year, via innovation and our dedication to making a positive impact on mobility’s future.

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