A ‘unique’ virtual reality platformer is heading to PlayStation VR from developer Odd Bug Studio. Scroll down for the trailer.

The Lost Bear is effectively a 2D platformer played within a 3D VR environment and features a sumptuous hand-painted art style.

The game is to be published by Fabrik Games, the developer and publisher behind PC and PS4 title Filthy Lucre. Fabrik’s development director Si Donbavand will speak at our event next week ‘The gaming sector – the North West’s best kept secret’.

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Set in a strange and abandoned world, The Lost Bear’s story follows Walnut as she is pulled from the safety of her brother, according to Odd Bug.

Bravely venturing out on her own, Walnut has to overcome her fears and save her beloved teddy from the clutches of the Toy Snatcher, solving puzzles along the way before making her way back home.

The Lost Bear

Odd Bug and Fabrik are both based in the Sharp Project, Manchester.

Odd Bug stated: “Creating our first game has been a big milestone for us – it’s been a tough road with many sleepless nights.

“With everything we’ve learnt, we are excited for the future.”