Tungl is on a mission to revolutionise how businesses assess, select, and ultimately hire tech talent. The tech recruitment platform provides online assessments and it’s used worldwide by those hiring tech talent, to screen and validate a candidate’s technical ability and knowledge.

Tungl was born out of the Founders’ need to improve and streamline the tech recruitment process, as they felt there had to be a better and faster way to go from a long list to a shortlist of tech candidates. Relying on CVs to evaluate technical ability is difficult. And phone or on-site technical assessments which involves candidates explaining verbally, writing on whiteboards or using pen and paper, are labour intensive, time-consuming, and not reflective of how they would normally work.

Tungl improves and automates this stage by moving it online, streamlining the overall tech recruitment process. It has a range of assessments and code challenges covering all major technologies, and its bespoke assessments can be built around the job spec using Tungl’s question bank or the business can use their own.

Tungl improves the candidates’ experience and empowers businesses to shortlist candidates with confidence, have more insightful interviews, and enable fast data-driven hiring decisions to be made.

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