UK software engineers saw a salary hike of 13% (£8,400) from 2018 to 2019, according to findings from this year’s ‘State of Software Engineers Report 2020’ from Hired.

The surge was the highest compared to other tech hubs globally, including San Francisco and New York.

The average developer now earn twice that of the average Brit, who earn £37K according to the Office of National Statistics.

The top three highest paid UK developer roles, according to the report are Embedded Engineer on £82K a year, blockchain engineers on £81K and computer vision engineers on £81K a year.

The role seeing the largest pay increase in the UK in 2019 was the gaming engineer, who got a £19,800 (25%) pay rise and now earns £80,000.

The findings further muddy waters over the impact of Brexit on the tech sector.

According to a new KPMG report, business activity in the sector ‘flat-lined’ and hiring declined in the final quarter of 2019. That report suggests the sector saw the worst quarter in the last seven and a half years, which had previously seen continued expansion.

But the figures from Hired suggest London’s tech scene continues to skyrocket towards competing with the likes of Silicon Valley, following recent news that VC funding for UK-based tech firms hit a record-breaking £10.1billion last year, increasing by 44%.

The report also suggests that worldwide, demand for augmented and virtual reality talent rose by 1400%, and the world’s most in-demand coding language is Go, designed by Google in 2007.