University of Birmingham spinout Smart Antenna Technologies solution for mobile and portable devices has secured £1m in funding.

Mercia Technologies, who this week vowed to become a leading tech investor in 2017, put £250,000 towards the project’s Series A round.

It also drew support from Australian encryption hardware firm Senetas Corporation and the University of Birmingham Spinout Investment Fund.

Sampson Hu, founder and CEO of Smart Antenna Technologies, said: “We’ve got a world-class technical approach and team of engineers, and this investment will boost our ability to deliver high quality partnerships over time.”

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SAT, an antenna system solution for mobile and portable devices which require multiple data connections, was formed in 2013.

Funding will be used to expand engineering capabilities and core tech, and develop the product further.

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Dr Mark Volanthen, investment director and head of electronics, hardware and materials at Mercia, said: “SAT is a great example of the potential that spinouts from our partner universities have to grow over time into cash-generative, sustainable and valuable businesses.

“The University of Birmingham has demonstrated its ability to build IP that can be taken to market and adapted to multi-million sectors, such as that of smart phones and other portable devices.

“We are pleased to continue to support SAT alongside the University and Senetas, and we look forward to working with the business extensively in the coming months as it continues to grow, and focus on industry engagement within its target markets.”