A US businesswoman has launched an innovative female healthcare app in the North East of England thanks to support she received at Newcastle Startup Week.

Minnesota-based Cindy Moy Carr is behind mySysters, a social and self-care mobile platform to help women manage the symptoms that can occur from the hormonal fluctuations during 'perimenopause'.

Perimenopause refers to the time before menopause when a woman's body gradually produces less estrogen, possibly leading to hot flashes, night sweats, migraines, joint pain, anxiety and other symptoms.

Carr said her decision to launch the business in the North East is a direct result of the help she found at the Newcastle Startup Week festival.

"It began by accident," she said. "There isn't much of a start-up community in Minnesota, or in the US for people who aren’t fresh out of college so I was originally looking for tech hubs in Canada.


"However, a 2012 blog post written by Paul Lancaster popped up in my search results that said Newcastle was a great place for start-ups."

During her visit to the city, Carr met lawyers Amy Wanless and Jill Dovey from law firm Muckle LLP and Dave Gibson and Sam Wood from Blu Sky Chartered Accountants, who are now the start-up's legal and accounting team.

She also met Catherine Walker, inward investment director at Invest Newcastle, who she says has been "integral in helping us make connections in the area".

"The North East and I, we took a chance and invested in each other," she said. "It's already paid off for all of us.

"mySysters is at least a year ahead - probably two - of where we’d be if hadn’t come here, and my company’s spent a significant amount of money with local businesses, including hotels, restaurants, and shops getting to know and fall in love with the region."

Carr also praised Sunderland Software City is a "key tech partner" for the business.

Paul Lancaster, founder and event producer of Newcastle Startup Week, said mySysters' story is "such amazing validation" for the event as well as the "close-knit and collaborative" nature of the business start-up community in the North East.

"I'm delighted to hear what a positive experience she's had so far and excited to know we’ve played a part in bringing such an important and revolutionary new healthcare app to life," he added.