Manchester is now regarded by many as Britain’s second city.

The 2016 Tech Nation report put the North West city behind only London in terms of digital jobs, with around 52,000 people now working in the sector there.

With a turnover of £2.2billion, it is clear that the digital economy is thriving in Manchester – but more can be done.

London, for example, has more than 300,000 people employed in tech roles and turns over more than £62bn, while Reading and Bracknell – the original ‘tech belt’ which hosts multinationals Microsoft, Cisco and Huawei – may employ fewer people than Manchester, but boasts a tech turnover of £10bn.

The opening of a flightpath between San Francisco and Manchester in 2017 could boost American investment and trans-Atlantic collaboration.

But what more does Manchester, the origin of the industrial revolution, need to do to become a major player on tech’s world stage – the ‘Silicon Valley of the UK?’

This BusinessCloud roundtable discussed the options, with Lawrence Jones, CEO of cloud computing firm UKFast, Paul Gouge, CEO of mobile games firm Playdemic, and Richard Law, CEO of identity management specialists GB Group, all airing their views.

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