Fashion designer Julia Daviy has created the world’s first 3D-printed clothing range which can actually be worn by women in the real world.

She debuted ‘The Liberation Collection’ at the Fashion Meet Technology event during New York Fashion Week.

Previous 3D printed pieces released by designers are known for hard materials, with ultra-sophisticated designs that cannot be worn for anything other than photo shoots, on the runway, or fashion publicity events.

Daviy prints each piece of clothing in 2-4 parts using large-scale printing technology with the majority of her collection being printed on the industrial large-format FDM 3D printers using TPU materials.

She also experiments with flexible resin and SLA technology which permits her to print complex design shapes easily with almost no post-processing.

Her predecessors in the 3D printed fashion game are known for printing with small-scale printers, cutting, splitting and gluing multiple times over, thus assembling their piece of clothing from many small separate parts.

The collection includes the Fragility Dress, pictured above, which is made from a peace (Ahimsa) silk organza fabric and was decorated by 3-dimensional pattern similar to spines of sea urchins.

The Lace Mini Skirt, pictured top, was inspired by the shapes of coral reef and a skirt worn by Sex and the City character Carrie Bradshaw.

 The 3D printing process has the potential to be less energy intensive and wasteful than existing clothing manufacture techniques as about one-third of all the fabric we make is thrown away.

Daviy says she is especially focused on creating a replacement for leather, as the suffering inflicted by industrial farming techniques for the production of leather is impossible to avoid.

Her current collection includes one of the most popular items of leather clothing – a biker jacket – made from a 3D printed material that she says far exceeds the quality of animal-sourced leather.