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Our Tech 50 rankings highlight the most innovative tech companies in every part of the UK. 

The initiative ranks the 50 most disruptive businesses in each of the 11 UK regions, one at a time, on an annual basis. 

For each ranking, a panel of regional experts judges our final shortlist of 70-200 companies before we open voting to our readers for one week. The final 50 ranking is determined by a combination of judge selections and reader votes. 

“I’m overwhelmed because it will allow me and the business to get out there and make a difference to our planet. We’re very proud. What BusinessCloud has done to increase the profile of new start-up companies has been incredible.”

Peter Davies, founder, 2020 Wales Tech 50 winner Biopaxium Technologies

To be considered for possible London Tech 50 inclusion, businesses must be creating trailblazing tech and be making an impact in the market. The key criterion is innovation.  

The inaugural Tech 50 rankings in 2019/20 attracted more than 16,000 reader votes and 120,000 page views 

A panel of regional experts will judge our shortlist of nominations before we open voting to our readers for one week. The final 50 ranking will be decided by a combination of the two. 

“It is just a huge accolade. To be recognised by reputable bodies such as yours against tough competition and more established businesses is really incredible. It really gives me a lift, and the team deserve it.”

Mark Thomas, CEO, 2020 South East Tech 50 winner Reaction Engines

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Nominations close on July 20th.  Reader voting from July 27th-August 2nd. Final ranking published on August 17th

Nominations close on August 31st. Reader voting from September 7th-13th. Final ranking published on September 30th

Nominations close on September 7th. Reader voting from September 14th-20th. Final ranking published on October 5th

Nominations close on October 5th. Reader voting from October 12th-18th. Final ranking published on November 2nd

Nominations close on October 19th. Reader voting from October 26th-November 1st. Final ranking published on November 16th

Nominations close on October 26th. Reader voting from November 2nd-8th. Final ranking published on November 23rd

Nominations close on November 16th. Reader voting from November 23rd-29th. Final ranking published on December 14th

Nominations close on January 18th 2021. Reader voting from January 25th-31st 2021. Final ranking published on February 15th 2021

Nominations close on February 8th 2021. Reader voting from February 15th-21st 2021. Final ranking published on March 8th 2021

Nominations close on March 8th 2021. Reader voting from March 15th-21st 2021. Final ranking published on April 5th 2021

Northern Ireland Tech 50

Nominations close on April 19th 2021. Reader voting from April 26th-May 2nd 2021. Final ranking published on May 17th 2021


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