Think about the business issue that is keeping you up at night, or what you’re most worried your boss will ask you.

Imagine how solving that problem will make a difference. Perhaps it will help your company grow, or maybe it will save time and money.

Harnessing artificial intelligence may accelerate innovation, or it may help to protect your company and your customers.

Cognitive computing consultants can help you identify these critical issues so that you can take the next step forward in solving them.

Once you’ve figured out the problem and located the information to solve it, the next step is to work on developing your AI model.

The first stage is to provide the system with training data. Given accurate training data, machine learning algorithms will find the patterns that can predict the correct answers.

Applying those patterns on raw unlabelled data is the where the AI model shows its value.

The volume of data you need to trawl through when training your AI model requires a powerful amount of compute, but once the model is trained to do its job, running it against real world data is not nearly as processor intensive.

If you’ve invested lots of money in the kind of high-performance infrastructure needed to train your machine learning models, the chances are you’ll be left with a large chunk of it unused when that first phase is over.

An alternative approach is to use a cloud-based AI platform to do all the heavy lifting from the outset in gathering and analysing data, avoiding a considerable investment.

Designed specifically for this type of data-intensive workload, these specialised cloud services offer ‘pay as you use’ access to some of the most powerful servers commercially available.

There is now so much that the wider enterprise world can do with AI that just wasn’t possible five years ago.

For example, an application to recommend podcasts can be stitched together with modules that transcribe audio to text, search text for keywords, index podcasts based on keyword hits and display the results in a colour-coded dashboard.

Imagine being able to sift quickly through your corporate data to recognise patterns and discern inconsistencies so that you can then make predictions about your business.

Well, that time is here. Uncover the insights in your data that will give your company its perpetual edge over competitors.