At £1k the iPhone X costs more than some second-hand cars – hardly surprising then that the take-up has been slower than Apple hoped.

However BusinessCloud did find one proud owner - Rob Illidge, CEO of Social Republic – and he  gave us  the lowdown on life with an iPhone X.

The iPhone X goes a long way to introduce future technologies, and it does it well, but a lot of feels like it's late to the party. 

With technology advancing at an incredible rate, it’s difficult to be astonished by the latest release of the next smartphone.

Gone are the days when Christmas Day's number one present, the games console, would blow your childhood mind. Take the PlayStation One for example, released in 1995, the console was innovative, groundbreaking and conversational gold, especially in the playground. 

I wouldn't say the iPhone X has changed my life, but it has certainly made it a lot easier. Face recognition access, FaceID passwords, wireless charging and an impressive camera would top my list of the phone's notable features.

Speaking of the latter, the TrueDepth camera produces stunning results and one to show-off to friends. Portrait Mode provides the perfect selfies for the Instagram faithful, while Portrait Lighting provides professional, studio-quality images.

It’s by far the highest quality imagery I've seen produced by a smart phone.

If you have young children or like me, tech-crazy nieces, say goodbye to your device. They'll spend hours recording and sending Animojis, emojis that map your facial expressions, and get lost in the world of augmented reality apps and games.

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Numerous clients have been on the fortunate or unfortunate end of accidental animated monkeys. 

The obvious drawback to the iPhone X is the initial and monthly outlay. As a result of my loyalty to my current network provider, I was able to negotiate a two-year contract, with an upfront payment of just over £100 and a monthly cost of £50 including VAT.

It's by far one of the most expensive phones on the market.

There have been so many YouTube and Facebook videos unsuccessfully attempting to break the phone that I've stopped worrying about its safety. At first I thought it was a myth but after dropping it numerous times, it seems the rumours are true. The real test is dropping the phone down the toilet, which has happened to me before. On those occasions all the rice bowls couldn’t save it. 

I would imagine the uptake hasn't been as Apple expected due to the price and alternatives available. I don't know anyone else who owns the iPhone X with them opting for the 7/8 models or Samsung varieties.

Many friends - Samsung owners that is - tell me how wonderful their smart phone is, and how behind Apple are in the features game.

To tell you the truth, they’re right, and it can be embarrassing when you are boasting about a feature on the iPhone X which has been available on Samsung devices for over a year.

However, there's the old adage that an iPhone could stab me a thousand times and I still wouldn't buy a Samsung.