A selection of founders and VCs from the June 4th event

Fixing tech’s female founder funding problem

Jonathan Symcox witnessed Playfair Capital’s ambitious virtual events which brought together 200 b...

Firms must develop IT talent from within their own organisation

‘Teaching to fish’ will allow firms to harness tech growth

The role of parasitic tech outsourcers must change, argues CloudStratex co-founder Adam O’Hare ...


SaaS shows template for LinkedIn marketing success

Fountain Partnership's David Cooper explains how to make the most of advertising on the social netwo...

Not all puppies are from reputable breeders

InsurTech comes to fore amid lockdown pet boom

Tech has crucial role as spike in registrations leads to increase in ‘puppy farming’, says Aquar...

Car rental market has suffered a dramatic decrease in demand

How tech drives automotive sales to eCommerce during COVID-19

Revuze CMO Alon Ghelber explains why this classic industry has had to adapt quickly and become more ...

Gary Rohloff

The new normal: Getting retail moving again in a COVID-19 world

Gary Rohloff, co-founder and MD ‘buy now, pay later’ platform Laybuy, shares advice for business...

Jan Wildeboer

Building company culture in a remote workforce

Jan Wildeboer, EMEA Open Source Evangelist at Red Hat, explains how the open source community can he...

Daniel Winterstein

How AI could help marketers with future pandemics

Daniel Winterstein, founder and CTO at AdTech firm Goodloop, argues that a nuanced, selective AI cou...

Social distancing measure could be monitored by 'accountable' AI

How ‘reasoning’ AI can help us transition out of lockdown

Seena Rejal, CEO and Founder of Shapes AI, explains the benefits of deep visual learning in transpar...

Chris Lin, Vice President of Information Technology, Mozilla

Mozilla VP of IT: How to stay secure while remote working

Key figure at tech giant details a checklist for hardware security, data access and secure connectio...


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