Why you shouldn’t rely on email for external communication

By Stuart Templeton, Head of UK at Slack It can’t be overstated: work has changed. 2020 has...

COVID-19 data

Is British public ready to put its trust in government’s handling of its personal data?

By Tim Crofts, VP for Strategy & Business Development at Leidos UK Arguably, the UK Governmen...

Climate change

To change world for better we must rethink corporate innovation

By Felix Staeritz, founder & CEO, FoundersLane There is no denying that we are collective...


Why you must never rest on your laurels in business

Valerie Moran, head of operations, Ecomm Merchant Solutions I was born in Zimbabwe to a fami...

Why smart businesses used lockdown to focus on product-led innovation

What does it mean to be product-led? The best example I can give is something I purchased during l...

Retail store

Retailers should leverage store networks to fulfil online demand

By Ed Bradley, founder, Virtualstock With demand for delivery and pickup surging since the su...


COVID-19 tech changes are here to stay

Resident columnist 'Gadget Gavin' Wheeldon, CEO, Purple As the world continues to fight to co...

Start-up founders

Common mistakes of start-up founders – and how to avoid them

By Ryan Floyd, MD of Storm Ventures It's tough as a founder on so many levels. As an investor...


Unlocking COVID lockdown: is digital simulation the key?

By Frances Sneddon, data scientist and CTO at Simul8 How do you loosen a lockdown? It is a ch...

Contact centre

Why remote contact centres are crucial during COVID-19

By Mads Fosselius, CEO, Dixa In these trying times, it’s not surprising that many customer ...


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