Last orders for the weekly commute? Don’t bank on it 

As pubs have opened their doors in England, so too have the world’s global banking giants.  ...


Three ways to bridge the gap between IT and marketing

It’s no secret that a major historical challenge for implementing martech has been a disconnec...

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Data is not enough – add a human touch to watch conversions fly

UK adults are now spending more than a quarter of their waking day online - the highest on recor...

remote work

What should business leaders prioritise for a digital-led recovery?

Many of us are emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic with an even greater appreciation...

Looking to hire a global remote team? Consider this first

Remote work is gaining traction as the new normal as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. According to...

UK head of Slack: Are emojis the future of business communication?

As we know, maintaining a human connection is vital when communicating with colleagues from a di...

Anders la Cour

Leaving behind SMEs could hinder post-COVID recovery

Banking Circle CEO Anders la Cour says tech can support lending to UK’s 5.9m SMEs COVID-19 h...

Many customers are out of pocket

Leveraging open banking data to tackle COVID-19 challenges 

Will Hurst, Head of Commercial Development at Monevo, looks at how lenders are leveraging tech inno...

AI concept

Artificial Intelligence: worth the hype?

Yasmina Darveniza, an investor at leading PropTech VC Round Hill Ventures, says AI can have a major ...

A selection of founders and VCs from the June 4th event

Fixing tech’s female founder funding problem

Jonathan Symcox witnessed Playfair Capital’s ambitious virtual events which brought together 200 b...


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