The EU goes easy on Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg had a decent grilling from the US Congress last month in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. However his much-awaited, livestreamed visit to the European Parliament earlier this week left many people – including me – feeling short-changed.

In an underwhelming 90-minute session Zuckerberg was allowed to answer the questions he wanted and repeatedly rolled out his infamous ‘I’ll have my team get back to you on that’ line.

With calls for Zuckerberg to face the UK Parliament, I don’t think he’d get off so lightly here.

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Zuck right now

I have to laugh at his inability to control his image on social media at the moment.

This tweet sums up the Facebook founder’s life right now.  I would ask him about the fantastic irony of the situation but he’d only promise to submit a written response down the line.

The tragic case of Tiziana Cantone lives on

One of the most interesting – and heartbreaking – stories I’ve seen in the last few weeks is about a young Italian woman named Tiziana Cantone. In 2016 she committed suicide after tape of her having sex went viral.

She had been desperately trying to win Google’s Right to be Forgotten and have the information deleted from search results, but by the time it was granted she had already become a meme on social media. 

Her mum is still desperately trying to get rid of the last traces of the tape from the internet but in an age where it’s scarily easy to become part of the zeitgeist, for someone like Tiziana the sad truth is that the right to be forgotten may just not be possible any more.

Does Trump write his own tweets?

Given how poorly spelt most of Donald Trump’s tweets are you’d think that his team might be trying to get him to look at a dictionary before posting – but the truth might be the complete opposite.

Earlier this week the Boston Globe reported that it's actually Trump's staff writing tweets to his 52 million followers – and they deliberately put errors in to make it seem more realistic.

The White House director of social media Dan Scavino has said the claims are trumped up but – as far-fetched as the story sounds – nothing about POTUS surprises me anymore.

Stop revenge porn by sending us your naked photos

This next story is either madness or genius. Facebook's latest solution to revenge porn is to send a naked photo of yourself to them first.

The last time I heard such a ridiculous idea was when Donald Trump said the way to tackle gun crime in American colleges was with more guns.

The idea is that users send Facebook their pictures which are then tagged using tech and a team of experts. Then if someone else tries to upload that picture to Facebook the site recognises it and blocks it.

A good idea in theory but given Facebook's recent issues protecting user data, I personally wouldn’t want to bare all to the social media giant.

Raising the profile of cancer

It’s always inspiring when people in the public eye use their profile to raise awareness about their plight in order to help others.

This week BBC Radio 5 presenter Rachel Bland, 40, revealed her breast cancer was inoperable and she was pinning her hopes on a clinical trial. Fans took to Twitter to wish her luck and tell her how her podcast – You, Me and the Big C – has helped them in their own health struggles.

24-year-old Brazilian blogger Nara Almeida had also been posting inspiring posts about her battle with stomach cancer on Instagram before she sadly passed away this week. Her 4.5 million followers saw the harsh reality of living with cancer but also gained hope from her upbeat posts.

My heart goes out to Bland and her family, and the family and followers of Almeida. But, as heartbreaking as it is, at a time when it can feel like social media is a force for bad, it’s incredible to see people using it to inspire others.

Kicking goals with social media

I’m not a huge sports fan - or even a small sports fan - but I know lots of people will be excited about the fact that Man City’s parent company has signed a deal for a new eSports social media video series.

Watch the club's eSports FIFA player go up against online players from the likes of Man City, New York City and Melbourne City in the upcoming ‘Goal Vs’ series.

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