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Is Facebook bulletproof?

Demystifying Tech: Is Facebook bulletproof?

With the litany of negative news surrounding Facebook, we were surprised to find out its profits and users continue to soar.

Is there anything the social network could do to shoot itself in the foot, and if so does your business need to invest in a Plan B?

Also on this week’s show James Nesfield, CEO of Chirp, explains ‘data over sound’, a new alternative to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

In the final section we chat about new figures which show just how long the average Brit spends online, and how much they save as a result.


In the podcast: Host Alistair Hardaker, deputy editor Jonathan Symcox and tech journalist Hayley Sewell.

Music: Looked Back, Saw Nothing by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license

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James Nesfield